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Since 1952, Tanuga has provided quality overnight experiences for it’s campers. Whether it’s a one night trip to the Tee Pee for our 7 year old cabins, or the CIT’s out for 10 days on Isle Royale National Park, these trips expose campers to new challenges and opportunities.

We believe we have created a program that will accommodate the needs and concerns of the modern day Tanuga camper, without abandoning our commitment to tripping. There will be no scheduled overnight camping trips during the first 3-week session. Campers attending the 4-week session will be sent on an overnight camping trip in full cabin groups. As campers get older the trips become more extensive, and trip locations may become further away. The majority of these overnights will require some "prep time" in camp prior to the actual trip. Due to variations in locations and length, some overnights will require a nominal trip fee. When deciding to send your camper back to Tanuga, you are making a choice for your son/daughter to participate in this experience.

Campers learn independence, group decision making, and self reliance. With support from our qualified staff, these overnight camping experiences provide foundation blocks for growth & maturity into adulthood. The goal of our tripping program is to expose young campers to brief positive experiences. As campers become older, they will embark on new trips that are further away from camp, and longer in duration. The majority of these overnights will require some “prep time” in camp prior to the actual trip.

It is on these overnights that the closest of friendships are made, cabin unity is formed, and self confidence is gained. Adversity, challenges, and accomplishments occurring while camping out provide memories that will last a lifetime. It has become common place amongst fellow campers to share stories of overnight experiences 25-30 years later.

At Tanuga, we believe that preparation is the key ingredient to a successful overnight. Campers will become aquatinted with every aspect of a trip “in camp” before they actually head out on the trip. Setting up tents, packing for a trip, and practicing cooking in the out of doors all happen in the comfort of Tanuga prior to sleeping out at the many state parks in the area. The longer the trip, the more time is spent on preparation.

Destinations for Tanuga campers include; Wilderness & Day state parks, the Ausable & Sturgeon rivers, Manitou Island, Devils Lake WI, the Smokey Mountains, Boundary waters of MN, Canada, and IRNP. Parents are encouraged to ask camp personnel what trips their children might expect when attending camp for the summer.