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• General Counselor (50+)
• Activity Area Leader/3rd Counselor (15)
• Health Officer (2)
• Kitchen Manager (1-2)
• Cooks (2-3)
• Kitchen Staff (10)
• Receptionist (2)
• Maintenance (2)

All staff must be at least 18 yrs old, and have one year of post high school experience.

As a general counselor you, along with two or more co-counselors, will live in a cabin with up to 13 campers. You will be a friend, a listener, a teacher and a role model. Above all you must be motivated, patient and flexible.

During the days you will lead or assist up to six, hour-long activity periods. Meals are served ‘family style’ in cabin groups.

The evening is a time for all of camp to come together for ‘mock rock’, ‘skit night’ a ‘feather fire’ or a variety of other all-camp activities. Counselors lead their campers back to their cabins each night no later than 10pm.

During Tanuga’s traditional seven-week residential program, all 'general' counselors should expect to go on a camping trips.

Activity Area Leader

Tanuga hires up to 20 Activity Area Leaders to safely coordinate one of our ‘high adventure’ activity areas. Though Activity Area Leaders primary responsibility will be the supervision of their area, they can also expect to have an active role as counselors. Activity Area Leaders can expect to reside in cabins with campers as a 3rd Counselor, and assist in cabin responsibilities when needed.

High Adventure Activity areas include:

• Ski Instructor/Boat Driver*
• Wakeboarding Instructor/Boat Driver*
• Swimming/Life Guard Instructor*
• Sailing Instructor*
• Canoeing Instructor*
• Kayaking Instructor *
• Head Lifeguard/Waterfront Supervisor*
* ALL Waterfront Specialists MUST be Certified Red Cross or Bronze medallion Life Guards

• Climbing Instructor
• Horseback Riding Instructor/Stable Manager
• Mountain Biking Instructor
• Archery Instructor
• Arts & Crafts/Pottery Instructor
• Trapeze
• High Ropes Facilitator
• Overnight Trip Facilitator

Due to the nature of these 'high adventure' areas, activity area leaders should not expect to participate in overnight camping trips. Days off will be taken when there are no assigned activies.

Camp Tanuga hires at least 2 medical personnel for the camping season. One of the health officers must hold a certification of; RN, LPN, EMT, or WFR. Health Officers can expect to perform tasks that include; dispensing of daily meds, journal entry of all care, packing of all first aid kits that accompany overnight trips, responding to emergencies throughout the day and evening hours, medical supply inventory and ordering, and routine medical care for all campers and staff. Experience with children is essential.

The kitchen manager is responsible for planning menus, keeping inventory and placing food orders as well as scheduling staff for all meals. Cooks at Camp Tanuga provide our 300 campers, counselors and support staff with a variety of meals on a daily basis.

Kitchen staff provide a number of services in the kitchen including; food prep, cooking, and salad bar set up. Daily responsibilities include washing dishes, garbage removal, and mopping the floors.


Tanuga hires 2 receptionists to answer phones, take messages and perform other general office skills.

The maintenance team at Tanuga does the behind the scenes work that keeps our facilities functioning and clean.