At Camp Tanuga, we recognize that each camper has individual abilities, personalities, needs and interests. With that as our framework, we have designed a summer camp program that includes an individual choice component to our daily programming. Each session campers have the opportunity to select 4-6 different activities every 10-14 days. These activities are part of the daily camp schedule, and are set up according to age and ability. These choices can also be independent of their cabin mates, allowing for siblings and different aged campers to interact based on common interests.

Besides these activity periods, each day includes an optional period. Campers are given a daily choice of activities to participate in. These can be on an individual interest basis or with members of their cabin. In addition to the activity and optional periods, a cabin group activity period makes up the balance of a typical day at Tanuga.

A Camper's Typical Daily Schedule

8:10 AM Wake Up
8:30 AM Flag Raising
8:45 AM Breakfast
Clean Up
9:50 AM Inspection
10:15 AM Activity choice #1
11:15 AM Activity choice #2 / Cabin Activity
12:15 PM Wash Up
12:30 PM Lunch
Rest Hour

2:10 PM Optional
3:20 PM Activity choice #3
4:20 Milk & Cookies
4:35 PM Activity choice #4
5:40 PM Wash Up
6:15 PM Flag Lowering
6:30 PM Supper
7:45 PM Evening Program
10:00 PM Taps

Campers enjoy supervised evening programs every night at camp. Tanuga employs two program directors who focus their efforts on coordinating evening programs and Special Days at camp. All camp activities at night may include campfires, league nights, game shows, scavenger hunts, mock rock, night at the races, skit nights and talent shows.Some programs are "split programs" meaning older / younger or girls / boys participating as sub groups.

Special "all day" programs occur at least once every 7-10 days at Tanuga, and give campers a break from their typical daily schedule. These days may include Cabin days, 4th of July Field Day, Carnival, Olympic day, Color War and competitions between neighboring camps.