Your Role At Camp

Our staff is the backbone of the Tanuga program. We are looking for qualified, nurturing individuals to help create a positive camping experience. We dedicate the entire off-season to recruiting staff from all over the world.

Camp Tanuga has a unique family atmosphere, where our entire staff knows each individual camper, and our campers know each individual staff member. This environment creates confidence in our campers and promotes self-reliance.

Our staff receives intensive training to instill the Tanuga philosophy, develop team building skills, and broaden camping know-how. This training also includes activity-specific education, cabin counseling, and age-specific scenarios.

At the heart of Camp Tanuga's season is the 7-week residential camp experience. Prior to, and immediately following the residential portion of the season, hired staff will also work with our special needs, at risk, and elementary school groups that attend camp. In addition, a typical summer can include; Corporate Groups, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Parties, and Family Camp.

Tanuga Staff

  • Are motivated and energetic.
  • Meet the social, mental and physical needs of campers on a daily basis.
  • Inspire campers to be active, to appreciate the outdoors and to be better people.
  • Practice sound judgment and are always willing to lend a hand.
  • Help out with all facets of camp life.
  • Work directly with children all day, everyday.
  • Are at camp 'for the kids'.