Sid Friedman & Mark Coden(Cody)

Sid Friedman

Pictured With wife Kerry and son Mak

Camp Tanuga is directed by Sid Friedman and Mark Coden. Raised from birth at Tanuga, Sid is the son of the late founder Bernie Friedman. He is a graduate of Michigan State University, having received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology."

Mark Coden

Pictured with wife Robyn

Mark, a second generation Tanuga camper and longtime dedicated staff member, has been a part of the Tanuga family since he was six years old. He is a graduate of Oakland University, with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education."

Together, they bring more than 50 years of camping experience to the Tanuga program. Both Sid and Mark are deeply committed to each camper and without question have the campers' best interest at heart. They are typically seen out interacting daily with the campers. It is the Tanuga camper inside of them that continually enables the "Tanuga Magic" to blossom in each camper.

Sid and Mark recognize that the pulse of today's youth must always be maintained and through following Tanuga's traditions, first established in 1952, they have continued to make Tanuga a very special place to be.


Jenny & Ron Fritz pictured with children Parker & Adler

Jenny is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a joint Ph.D. in Social Work and Sociology. She started as a camper at age 9, then went on to be a Counselor, Tripping Director, Unit Director, and now serves as the full time Assistant Director. Jenny's many off-season responsibilities include meeting with new camp families and coordinating programs for the many school groups that attend our School in the Woods Programs. Jenny is the nurturing spirit at Tanuga. Her focus on each individual camper makes each child and parent feel that they are an important part of the Tanuga family.

Ron came to camp the summer of 1996 as a counselor and Mountain Bike Instructor. A Secondary Education major with a masters in Curriculum Development from the University of Michigan, Ron now coordinates Tanuga's staff hiring program. Ron's personal leadership and hands-on approach is reflected in Tanuga's world class activity areas.

As parents themselves, Ron & Jenny know the importance of providing a warm and safe camp community where campers and staff can have fun, make friends, build skills and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Staff

What makes Camp Tanuga so unique is that all of our staff know all of our campers and all of our campers know all of our staff. We call that the Family Feeling.

It is no surprise the staff is the backbone of our program. Expert, caring counselors enhance positive camping experiences. We dedicate the entire off-season to recruiting qualified staff from all over the world.

Prior to campers arriving, all Tanuga staff members participate in a week long, intensive training seminar. During this training period, we instill the Tanuga philosophy, further develop team building skills, broaden camping know-how and prepare our staff for how to work with children on an individual and group basis. At Tanuga, our staff and campers become a close-knit unit.

Tanuga has a completely staffed medical facility including examination and individual care rooms. Trained medical care givers are available at all times with two local hospitals in close proximity to our campgrounds.

Our experienced kitchen staff has received special training in nutrition and food preparations to fulfill the needs of today's active youth.