In 1998, Camp Tanuga created "Team Works" with the idea that many of the same techniques taught to camp staff had applications in the business world. We had heard it repeatedly from former campers now in the corporate sector. Their camp experiences shaped how they interact with peers, made decisions, and how they did business. At a minimum, just getting a working group out of the office together, then bringing them to a camp setting made a significant impact.

Since then we've taken it a couple steps further. Today, we have worked with many companies both on, and off site, providing 2 hour to 2 day workshops focusing on teamwork! We are in the office with decision makers creating goals for the training, and then designing custom programs that suit it's participants. These programs provide opportunities for working groups to practice how to do things differently, then deciding whether or not to use them in the workplace. At the same time, they are learning a whole lot about themselves. In today's economy, companies are learning to utilize what they have in terms of personnel. At Teamworks, we are in the business of helping companies help themselves.