1. Staff Positions (What are the different jobs at Tanuga?)

See positions available page, Click Here

2. Staff expectations (What is expected of staff members?)

  • All Camp Tanuga staff live in cabins with campers.
  • Each cabin consists of 9-12 campers and 3 staff members.
  • All staff can expect to either run, or assist in 6 activity periods per day.
  • All general counselors should expect to go on an overnight camping and/or canoe trips.
  • Staff are at camp 'for the kids'.
Staff members can expect to work directly with children throughout the day. They serve as counselors and activity leaders. They are friends, listeners, teachers and role models. Above all, staff should be motivated, patient and flexible. Staff are expected to help with all aspects of camp life.

3.Age group preferences (Can I choose the age group I want to work with?)

We do our best to meet the requests of all counselors in regards to the age group they work with. Staff should expect to work with all age campers at activity areas throughout the day. We can not guarantee an age group or cabin to any counselor.

4. When (When are jobs available?)

All hired staff can expect to commit to a minimum of 9 weeks of employment. Start dates are typically late May, and ending mid August. This 9 week obligation includes our residential program and family camp. Additional weeks are available based on your summer schedule, and include; school, special need, and at risk groups as well as corporate events and private parties.

5. Pay (How much do you pay?)

Salary is based on age, experience, certifications, position, and length of employment.

6. Time off (Do we get days off? I have a wedding...)

  • Expect to have about one day off per week.
  • Days off begin after the last activity period of the day (5:30), and end at curfew the following evening.
  • During the camping season, staff typically have a 1-hour break after lunch and an off grounds option at night between 10:30pm-1am, 3-4 times a week.
  • Special days off for weddings, graduations, family reunions, ect. can be accommodated if they are pre arranged.

7. Visitors (Can we have visitors?)

  • All camp visitors must be cleared by administration.
  • Unannounced visitors are not permitted while camp is in session.
  • Visitors cannot stay at camp overnight.

8. Contact info (How will my friends and family contact me?)

Camp Tanuga receives mail six days per week. Messages received on the dedicated staff line are posted daily. A pay phone is provided for out going calls. The use of cellular phones is prohibited while on duty.

9. What is Camp Tanuga? (What do you do at Camp Tanuga?)

  • 7 weeks of residential traditional camping.
  • 1 Family Camp Weekend (4 days).
  • 1 week special needs youth programming (3 days each).
  • 1 week underprivileged youth programming (3 days each).
  • 2 weeks of potential corporate groups, weddings, private parties (2-3 days each).
  • 2 weeks of staff training (1 week, 2 x per season).

10. How do I get to camp? (planes, trains, buses and more...)

If you have a vehicle, we encourage you to drive to camp. This will allow you greater freedom during off periods.
If you cannot drive, then you have several other options to choose from...
  • Fly into Traverse City and we will greet you at the airport.
  • Indian Trails Busline provides service directly to Kalkaska.
  • Amtrak provides train and bus links to Traverse City through Grand Rapids and E. Lansing.

11. How long can I expect to work at Camp?

The average time of employment at Camp Tanuga is 12 weeks (Mid May - Mid August).
Employment can be up to 16 weeks! (Early May - Early September)
A very select number of jobs are available for the 2nd session of our residential program and would require a min 5 week commitment. (Mid July - Mid August).
Priority will be given to applicants that can work at least 12 weeks.
A more detailed description of time of employment is given during the interview process.