"These are a few of my favorite things" - Cabin G6

Hi my name is Jillian Jackson! Camp Tanuga is a place like no other. Children from all over the country come to have the times of their lives. You can participate in life changing activities and face your fears! Coming to camp is what I look forward to ALL year. Tanuga Magic isn’t just something you hear about, you have to experience it. I look forward to more years here!

Hi my name is Lauren Spielberger and I’m in cabin G6. One of my favorite activities at camp is biking! One fond memory I have of biking this summer is when me and my biking class rode through a bunch of mud and puddles because it had rained the prior day. I can distinctively remember being at the top of a hill on the trail and looking down on the fresh bike tracks splitting the muddy trail into two and then looking at the dirty, splotchy puddles. I rode as fast as I could into the sludge and through a muddy puddle. I was covered in mud but it SO fun! Someone might think this could rain on your parade, but for me it was the highlight of my day!