Wilderness State Park Trip

Izzy Cimmino G10
Being on the Wilderness State Park overnight with all of camp was amazing! It was so unusual but cool to have the whole camp at an overnight together. This trip was my first time at the park, and it was so beautiful. Hanging out on the beach together and watching the prettiest sunset at night was so special. The trip was a great opportunity to spend time together as a whole camp, and I think I know some of the kids a lot better. Taking this trip as less of a camper and more of a CIT/staff member, I learned so much about what it actually takes to make a day run smoothly. Before, food would just appear or a plan would just fall into place, but being behind the scenes showed me the work staff puts in and how much they should be appreciated. It was really cool to see everyone cooking together, all playing volleyball in a huge circle, and running around a playground at Gaylord middle school as one group. This usually isn’t possible, and taking this trip brought out some Tanuga magic this session deserved.

Aria Rogers G5
We went to Wilderness on my birthday, and I got to spend the whole day at the beach with my friends! I was surprised with birthday hats and a banner on my tent! We also ate the yummiest Dutch oven pizzas, which were SO good!

Tate B8 and Zack B7
I loved being at the beach playing can jam and slam ball! It was just so nice being out in nature!

Becca and Brianna
Volleyball was the best part for sure! Whether it was on land or in the lake, We had a huge circle and played for hours! We also loved help cook and season the burgers, it was fun helping cook all the food!

Mel (counselor)
It was such a great bonding experience with this small group, I wish we could’ve done it sooner!!


B6 - Shane's Camp Experience

Hi my name is Shane G. and I’ve been coming to camp since I was a B2. The five weeks I have been at camp this summer have been weird, lots of masks. But I have also had a boatload of fun, my favorite activities are wake, biking, and ski! When I came my first summer I learned how to wakeboard and now I have practiced every summer since and just landed my first back roll at the beginning of camp! Through my time at camp I have had the same wakeboard instructor, she taught me to wakeboard and always told me to never give up. Once I go pro, it’ll be because of her!

Tanuga Temple - Cabin G7

Tanuga Temple was fun, stressful, eventful, and exciting. All the 7’s out hard work and effort into making Temple the best day for everyone! Since we were little we have always looked up to the older side while running big events and continuing traditions that carry on to this day. This day meant so much to us especially since it was not originally planned to happen. We all worked together to earn the privilege to run this all day program! We hope everyone had an amazing day, and we can’t wait to see this tradition carry on into the future.

Hello From Cabin B3

Luca: My favorite activity has been wakeboarding and I've enjoyed my 3 weeks without my electronics and how much I don't miss them

Eitan: I'm having so much fun being back at camp with all my friends from 2019 and am looking forward to making more in my remaining 4 weeks

Ryder: I've enjoyed every activity I've done so far at camp, but my favorite has been camp craft, and am looking forward to making friends with my remaining time here at Camp Tanuga

"These are a few of my favorite things" - Cabin G6

Hi my name is Jillian Jackson! Camp Tanuga is a place like no other. Children from all over the country come to have the times of their lives. You can participate in life changing activities and face your fears! Coming to camp is what I look forward to ALL year. Tanuga Magic isn’t just something you hear about, you have to experience it. I look forward to more years here!

Hi my name is Lauren Spielberger and I’m in cabin G6. One of my favorite activities at camp is biking! One fond memory I have of biking this summer is when me and my biking class rode through a bunch of mud and puddles because it had rained the prior day. I can distinctively remember being at the top of a hill on the trail and looking down on the fresh bike tracks splitting the muddy trail into two and then looking at the dirty, splotchy puddles. I rode as fast as I could into the sludge and through a muddy puddle. I was covered in mud but it SO fun! Someone might think this could rain on your parade, but for me it was the highlight of my day!

Happy 4th of July from Cabin G4

By: Bea Melet and Sarah Fields

It all started with a bang on the windows. We all woke up and we were looking forward to an amazing fourth! We went on our porch and then headed to breakfast. We were all excited to know which team we were on- red , white, or blue. Usually you’re never wearing your OWN clothes. Lol. We had a blast and loved the whole day! Blue ended up winning the fourth, but that’s ok because what really matters is that we all had fun, and we did! I also hope everybody had a blast too!

Out of Gas & An Eagle Spotting

Whoopsies! Running out of gas didn't put a damper on this day full of fun! Look at this video we caught of a mighty eagle flying over the lake! Nature at its finest! 


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